May 17, 2007

Ontario, Canada –

In what can only be called a stellar start to a race series which has created future stars, American racer Pete Olson
showed his talent today up North.

After dominating race practices over the past two days by being an entire second ahead in the dry and an average of
four seconds ahead in the wet, Olson went on to qualify for his first Bridgestone Tires Formula 2000 Championship race
by achieving a qualifying time almost an entire second and a half faster than the next competitor.

However, “Rain King” Pete Olson was disappointed that the race, which was originally scheduled for Wednesday, May
16th, was cancelled due to inclement weather.

“I wasn’t so good in the rain when I first raced in the wet, but I developed that skill in karting, and now it is a
significant advantage of mine.” said Olson.

“In Asia, I was out in the monsoon, in the freezing rain, I was the only one out there trying to best my times…I would
go back to my apartment shivering during the two hour long bus ride back, getting a cold or what have you…but that
is the difference between winning and losing, who is out here to push it, to be a professional. After you put in effort
like that, you can feel confident that you can come into a race day in the dry or the wet, knowing that I have given
110%, that there is no excuse not to win.”

Olson’s training regiment in Canada begins with waking at 5:30am to get in the gym by 6am, and typically ends 12
hours later after track time and working on his race car, after what Olson calls a “tiring but passionate” day.

“There is nothing else I can imagine doing, nothing else compares, I am living my dream.” says Olson.

Olson’s race today was characterized by what can only be called incredible aggressiveness in both qualifying and racing.
When asked where the inspiration came from, Olson simply said, “I prayed a lot before every session, to Christ, Matt,
and Gilles, and I was inspired to push farther than I have before. Still…I should have been faster, there are always areas
to work on and improve, there is no such thing as a perfect lap.”

There is no doubt that Olson is in the position to win the Bridgestone MTP Formula 2000 Championship. However, the
American racer has a different opinion:

“I must work twice as hard now, as I am competing with these guys to win a free ride in Canadian Formula 2000 for
next year….there are no points for second place, this is the real deal.  I have a new, more difficult physical training
program, and I will get all the ‘seat time’ I can…there is just no end to it, to the improvement….that is what makes the
difference between winning and losing, to do whatever it takes.”

Olson went on to say, “I just want to dedicate this trophy and my podium finish today to my father John Olson and my
Aunt Deborah Callard, who believed in my dream enough to sponsor me through Formula Renault in Asia and now, in
Canadian Formula 2000… and especially to Jon and Hunter, my brother Matt’s sons….Matt continues to give me
inspiration, strength, and invincibility that no one would ever be able to possibly believe. He is there with me on every

We wish Pete the best of luck in the next Championship race day, to be held on June 4, 2007.


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