June 4, 2007

Ontario, Canada –

After achieving today what would be a great result in the mind of most drivers, a 3rd place podium finish in varied
weather conditions, American racer "Pete" Olson was seemingly dejected after his race today at Mosport raceway, just
north of Toronto, Ontario Canada.

The reason for Olson's disappointment? Simply put, Olson dominated the first half of a rain race, only to seemingly 'drop
off the pace' for the second half, and give up two positions to finish in 3rd place, what he calls "My unhappiest podium

Olson spent the afternoon visibly upset after his race result and clearly unhappy while on the podium, in a race that
observers questioned openly after such an incredible showing during the first half, to the point that those watching
wondered if Olson in fact had a problem with his race car.

The race started with Olson just off pole by a couple of tenths, with the rest of the field at least several seconds
behind, as Olson battled for the lead with Columbian racer Camillo Rohas, known to be a match for Olson under wet
conditions. Within two laps, Olson made an aggressive move on the inside of Rojas into the fastest corner on the track,
turn 12, to take the lead.

Within two laps, Olson then had left Rojas a half a lap behind.  Pete says it was at that point where he threw away
what would have been a first place finish.

"I tried to think too much, to strategize instead of push it, when I saw the incredible lead I had." said Olson. "So...I did
what I never, ever do, I slowed down. The conditions were bad, I was on the limit a lot, sliding the car aggressively,
and I figured I could back off somewhat and just make sure to finish and solidify my lead in the championship."

However, little did Olson know that Rojas and Mark Houston, a suprising 'up and comer' whom Olson calls his "Little
brother", his roommate at Bridgestone whom he has personally coached for the past three months, were quickly
quickening the pace on Olson as he slowly , unknowingly let them close the gap.

"There was one big mistake I made, which cost me the lead" said Olson. "That was, for the first time in my career, to
not push it to the limit all the time, in every corner, on every lap."

In the third to last lap, Houston passed Olson in turn four, and later, Columbian Camillio Rojas passed Olson in turn seven.

"Mark is my little brother to me, and no matter how much I wanted to be number one again today, I am really excited
for Mark, he had every right to win after my mistaken race strategy. But...there is one thing I will say today, that no
matter what the race, no matter what the conditions, no matter what position I am in, I will NEVER, EVER drive
anything again but the absolute limit of the race car, I don't care what the consequences. I had the race sealed, but I
finished 3rd because I tried to 'strategize' and 'take it easy'. It cost me victory today. Never again. It's first place or

We wish Pete the best of luck in the next Championship race day, to be held on July 16, 2007.


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