August 10, 2007

Ontario, Canada –

In what can only be called one of the closest and hardest-fought races in American Pete Olson's career, he and
Columbian racer Santiago Rojas fought each lap and turn for lead position during last Friday's fourth round of the BRAC
MTP F2000 Championship.

Olson once again landed the coveted pole position for the race, yet was only 0.12 seconds off of Rojas' qualifying time.
However, the difference came down to consistency: Olson put every lap during qualifying into the 1:02's, while Rojas
and the other fastest drivers were mixing 1:02s and 1:03s, averaging significantly off of Olson's pace. Olson said
"Qualifying is about putting in that one fast, extreme lap...but to repeat that for half an hour, that is what is needed
for a race, to be flat out for 30 minutes and not lose it. I could repeat my fastest time for an hour or two if I had the
right tires, I have no doubt. Consistency is the utmost important thing for the race itself, not just fast times, and so far
the only person in this series that has the speed and the consistency to truly be a threat is Santiago Rojas, who is an
excellent driver in his own right."

Olson began the race with a typical good start, to lead Rojas and the rest of the field by ten car lengths halfway
through the first lap. Instructors said "When we saw Olson's lead on the start, we figured 'This race is done.' "

However, while Olson was extending his lead on Rojas and the rest of the field, a missed upshift caused Olson to slow
down significantly. "I was going for 2nd gear and it just popped out...I am smooth with gearboxes but it was just poor
luck, I had to just hammer it in a few times to catch the cogs" said Olson.

A single missed shift was enough to slow Olson enough for Rojas to catch up to Olson's rear wing by the end of the
first lap, and make a pass on Olson. Afterwards, the two racers fought it our for the remaining laps with Olson and Rojas
nose to tail fighting for 1st place, conducting their typical 'on the limit' driving style which left the rest of the field

During the last lap, Olson had what he thought was his 'money shot', a re-pass on Rojas into the second to last turn. As
Rojas slowed for the final lap, Olson pushed it harder than the entire race, knowing the third place driver was far behind
and that he could 'afford to increase the risk significantly'.

Olson dove to the inside for a clear re-pass on Rojas, only to be blocked as Rojas went to the middle of the track and
caused a lock up for Olson. Olson then sat on Rojas'  rear wing for the last corner but didn't have quite enough speed
to pass for the checkered only one turn later.

After the race, Olson and Rojas were instructed to meet immediately with Brett Goodman, the head official of the race
and owner of BRAC racing. Goodman told the two racers that Rojas had made a clear blocking move on Olson, but that
according to the rule book, a single block was acceptable...but if Rojas had blocked Olson a second time, in the last
turn, he would have had to relinquish his 1st place trophy to Olson.

Despite the dispute, Olson had his own suprising opinion: "This is racing. It was my own fault for letting Santiago get by
me in the first place, and I should have re-passed him during the race as I knew his weak points, I knew I was that
much faster, but maybe I was thinking too much about Championship points, just finishing cleanly instead of taking both
of us out in a high-speed pass, as we were so close in times and I would have been passing him at 120kph. This will
never happen again, but....that is racing."

In what instructors said was a "Clear show of true Sportsmanship", Olson later told them:

"If I had been in Santiago's position, with just a couple of turns to go only to see someone else that fast coming up on
me, with a clear last lap pass....I would have done the same to him."

We wish Olson the best of luck in the fifth round of his BRAC F2000 racing just four weeks from now. Olson still leads
the Championship, but needs another victory to secure his points lead. Will Olson prevail? We shall see in the next race
weekend, just four weeks away.


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