October 25, 2007

Ontario, Canada –

Inspiration or desperation? Such can be called the legitimate madness of racer Pete Olson on this, his last F2000 2007
race day. Today was both Round 6 and 7 of the Bridgestone MTP F2000 Championship Series and a truly unforgettable
day in the racing career of American driver Pete Olson.

Olson was a quick 2nd to racer Santiago Rojas in this morning's first race, Round 6, but due to Rojas' fast pole, fastest
lap, and win Olson was only six points behind Rojas going into the final round, Round 7, the last race of the season in
the afternoon. If Olson finished just two places behind the highly talented Columbian driver, Olson would have lost the
Championship in Round 7 by only 2 points.

However, Olson brought inspiration to the track for Round 7, his last F2000 race in the afternoon and his final race of
the season. Says Olson: "I knew how the points standings were before the final race and I figured it was all or nothing,
there was no room for cowardice - that if I was going to beat Santiago Rojas and thus take the Championship, I had to
drive faster than ever before. There was one last thing I did before the race, and that was to get on my knees and
pray to Christ and my brother Matt to give me the strength to win pole, to win the race, to win the Championship. It
gave me confidence and strength when I was doubting my own abilities. Then I got in the race car, and I left everyone
behind." Olson and the blazingly quick Columbian racer Camilo Rojas left the rest of the field far behind during only the
first few laps, with Olson taking the race's win, pole, and fastest lap to clinch the seven race 2007 Championship with a
total of four wins, two 2nds, one 3rd, and five pole positions.

The Bridgestone Racing F2000 MTP Championship Series creates future stars such as Indy driver Paul Dana. Just
recently, last year's Bridgestone F2000 MTP Champion, the highly talented racer Sam Stuard [www.samstuardracing.
com] finished 2nd overall in USA National Formula Mazda at the USA National 'Run-Offs'.

Olson says: "I want to dedicate this Championship trophy to my brother Matt. Several years ago he was the only one
that believed in me, sitting on that bench near San Jose when I told him that my dream was to be a racing Champion.
Now that I have proved myself and things are different, I have a lot more support, but Matt was the one who gave me
that first drive, the drive to win, above all else."


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