September 30, 2008

Ontario, Canada –

In yet another inspired drive today, American Pete Olson again took home a winner's trophy in the Canadian
Bridgestone MTP Formula SCCA Championship up North, along with a 2nd place. “Winning is everything to me” said
Olson. “I am flat out or nothing.”

Olson’s statement seems to be a reflection of his driving style, where risks are part of the game. The American racer
ripped the rear suspension off his car only a month ago at around 170kph/110mph in practice, unbelting himself from
the car and running from his stricken vehicle after the car caught fire. Olson almost found the next life due to a $10,
two inch bolt that sheared in half on the rear suspension due to his on-track antics. “If you aren’t at 110% all the time,
then you aren’t a racing driver.” said Olson. “And there is nothing I can’t control in a race car.”

The hard-driving American managed a 2nd place in the pouring rain in Round One of the 2008 Bridgestone
Championship for his first race on Tuesday, despite many off-track endevours and a wild spin on the track.
Characteristically, Olson has been known to be ‘cool under fire’, to temper his ‘need for speed’ with his smooth driving
style. But is Olson getting in over his head?

“Maybe some people say I am a little off the page or whatever, but that’s the way I drive. I never have a lap where I
wasn’t full out, flat out, all the time, even on warm-up. Yes, maybe sometime this has caused me some trouble, cost
me some good result, but that is the way I drive. And it has brought me many victories.”

In Round Two of the Championship, conducted under drying conditions, Olson was fighting with his own Bridgestone
racing protégé Maxx Ebenal, a highly talented driver from Saskatewan, Canada. A good friend of Olson throughout last
season, Olson took the rookie racer under his wing this year. Ebenal took pole from Olson by 0.12 seconds for the 2nd
race, with Olson and Ebenal over 3 seconds faster than the next fastest drivers, but a furious Olson apparently decided
that the Student had not yet become the Master.

Olson made an aggressive pass on Ebenal just halfway through the first race lap after the green flags dropped, but had
to fight with Ebenal for several laps until Ebenal spun off track.

We wish Pete the best of luck during his next F2000 race day, just two weeks away.


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