November 12, 2006

Long Tan Circuit, Taiwan–

American racer Pete Olson’s competition in Taiwan has been characterized as overly-aggressive, ‘first turn takes all’ and
plagued by engine failures and other mishaps throughout the season in true Kimi Raikkonen style. However, today, once
again Olson gave his fans something to cheer about as he qualified just 0.12 seconds off pole and brought home a
podium finish at his team’s home track in Long Tan, Taipei.

“This season has been full of a lot of frustration, and it’s nice to be on the podium again” said Olson, in typical

However, Olson made ‘clean’ starts in the first two ‘heat’ races of the day only to virtually slam another competitor
almost off the track in the final ‘main’ race, in his quest for another trophy and further glory.

“That guy finished more than seven seconds behind me in the previous race” said Olson. “I don’t sit behind slow drivers.
He had no business being in front of me” said Olson.

This is what can only be called a serious contradiction to some of his previous statements about what the American
racer has complained about as the ‘over-aggressive racing of the other drivers’.

However, today Olson returned to his apartment in Panchiao with a large gold trophy and all the glory that comes with

“I’m just glad the season finished on a good note, and I’m really looking forward to Toronto” said Olson.

Olson will be attending the highly-regarded professional Bridgestone Racing Formula 2000 racing program for 8 intensive
months of formula car racing training in Toronto in March, and has no intention of looking back.

“The Taiwan Rotax Max National Championship has been a good experience for me and some good fun, but I am
looking forward to Canada and other hardcore racing, getting back on the ‘fast track’, so to speak” said Olson.

We wish him the best of luck in the famous Bridgestone MTRP Formula 2000 Championship Series at Mosport
International Raceway starting in March.


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