For Immediate Release
March 27, 2005

Taipei, Taiwan –

Racer Peter [“Pete”] Olson had quite an Easter Sunday today.

During an afternoon filled with many tire-screeching displays of extreme kart control for local Taiwanese spectators,
Olson completed a promotional film for his newly-opened kart racing school, “VKR”, and finished the day by closing a
sponsorship deal with the Tao Yuen Karting Association [“TYKA”] team for the 2005 race season.

Olson had only been in Taiwan for a few weeks last February when he made it out to ‘Tao Yuen’, twenty kilometers
north of Taipei City, to test his racing skills against the Taiwan Kart Racing Series Champions.  Professional-level karting
has become more mainstream in Taiwan in the past few years, and it seems that Olson has combined steadfast
determination with being in the proverbial “Right place at the right time”.

“It is really unfortunate that because of delays with the shipment of my new kart from Italy, today I missed the first
round of the Rotax World Championship” said Olson.  Because I missed the first round, I am literally already out of the
points for the entire Rotax season.  But I am still determined to make my stand for the remaining seven rounds of the
Championship.  The show must go on.” said Olson.

The Rotax Max Race Series is a new international kart racing series in which the top drivers from each competing
country are awarded a fully-sponsored trip to international locals each January to compete in the World Championship.  
In 2003, the top drivers competed in Egypt.  In 2004, the Championship was held in the Canary Islands, off southern
coast of Spain.   Olson will compete in the remaining seven rounds of the Championship this year.  The first event will
be held in Tai Jung [Mid-Taiwan] just two weeks from today.

However, despite the crushing disappointment Olson felt this afternoon about point standings for the 2005 Rotax
World Championship, things took a turn for the better as Olson was called into the TYKA office for a sponsorship
meeting with management after they observed his skillful driving.  In addition, the team was impressed with the racer’s
fitness level.  While other drivers finished the long practice sessions seemingly exhausted, Olson seemed to be ready for
more, getting out of his kart to walk around and smile and chat with spectators.  The American racer has been on a
strict training and diet regiment for the past few months and has dropped four kilos through a combination of weight
training and anaerobic exercise.  Olson is hesitant to discuss details, and refers to it only as “A Formula One program”.  
However, there is no doubt that this will give the American driver an edge in this year’s competition through his
superior strength and endurance.

“I am very grateful to accept TYKA’s sponsorship offer for the 100cc race series and I am incredibly happy about being
part of this team” said Olson.  “I plan to do my best both on and off the track, to contribute all I can, to take things to
the next level.”

Olson certainly has his work cut out for him for the next seven months.  Between the Rotax and 100cc Taiwan Country
Championships, as well as Formula Renault events in Shanghai and other Mainland China locales after the success of his
recent “syndication”, the American racer hopes to give family, friends and fans something to cheer about.  In addition,
it has recently been confirmed that the Taiwan government, as part of its recent tourism campaign, is building an
international [FIA] standard Formula racing circuit in Mid-Taiwan, just three hours drive from Taipei.  The circuit is to be
completed by the end of next year, and will hold everything from the Japan Touring Car Championship [JTCC] to
Formula 3 [F3] and other international racing events.

“Things are looking up for auto racing here in the R.O.C., and I plan to be riding the crest of the wave” said Olson.  
“Between the initial syndication success, recent news about the new circuit in Ying Li, and today, on Easter Sunday of
all days, being able to accept this drive for TYKA, I feel nothing but excitement about this season.  I will always believe
that there is nothing that can stop you, if you have a good plan, determination, the right support, and faith in yourself
and things beyond you.  I really wish to thank everyone who has believed in me since day one, and all those who
continue to support my career.”

For more information on Peter Olson, visit his website at www.peteolson.com.


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