Pete Olson  -  Formula Renault Pilot
TELEVISION COVERAGE:  live & delayed broadcasts already confirmed for Pan Delta events** ; Sepang F1
Circuit and Shanghai F1 Circuit TBC

OTHER MEDIA:,,,, Car Plus Magazine [Hong Kong], Macau
Daily Newspaper, Etc

PAN DELTA:  The  Pan Delta Festival Race weekends combine the thrill of Superbike, Touring Car, Asia GT
Masters, and Formula Renault into  an exciting race weekend. The combination of non-stop racing on
Saturday and Sunday in the different categories draws an enormous fan base to the circuits. For instance, for
the March 21-22 opening race weekend of the Asia GT Masters Series, held during the March 21-22 Pan Delta
Festival weekend, Zhuhai International Circuit [ZIC] management confirmed that over 20,000 fans had
attended the races, in addition to live and recorded coverage of all the race events from Mainland channels
Zhuhai Television Channel 2, Guangdong TV sports channel, Guangdong TV Satellite Channel, and  Hong
Kong NOW TV .