New Year, New Opportunities–
American Race Driver Pete Olson Leaves FRD, Moves to Champ Motorsport

February 21, 2010
Zhuhai International Circuit, Zhuhai China –
In a surprising announcement yesterday, American race driver and instructor Pete Olson revealed that he has just left
the FRD race team to move onto Champ Motorsport, citing more favorable opportunities for career advancement.
“Champ Motorsport offers me, or any driver, increased professionalism and far better cars – and that’s the most concise
summary I can give you. There is no comparison between the two teams. I cut my teeth in FRD but then again, many
drivers started there before moving on. It’s time to look to better opportunities and I have no doubt that this is a very
favorable move for my career.”
After clinching the Bridgestone F2000 Championships in Canada in 2007 and 2008, Olson started with FRD Motorsport in
China in December 2008, as one of the team’s Formula Renault series drivers and Chief Instructor. As Chief Instructor,
Olson coached over a hundred drivers the skills to race, with several drivers going on to win various leading national
Championships in Asia.
In typical brash style, Olson said “I have found that Champ [Motorsport] is a far more professionally run team, thanks to
Pekka [Pekka Saarinen, 2003 German Formula Renault Champion; 2004/5 Asia Formula Renault Champion]. He is not
only an incredible coach but runs the team in European style, like clockwork, in the way that I learned with my first pro
team, Bridgestone. It’s the way I operate as well, work hard and play hard, show results. Bullshit only gets you so far.”
We wish Olson the best of luck in his 2010 season with Champ Motorsport.
Champ Motorsport: Champ Motorsport Ltd. [Champ], is headquartered at the Zhuhai International Circuit. One of the
leading teams in China, Champ was founded in 2003 and participates in Asia Formula Renault, Formula V6 Asia, Macau F3
Grand Prix, and the Hong Kong Touring Car Championship. Champ also conducts race training programs for new as well
as experienced drivers.

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