October 9, 2005

Kaohsiung Circuit, Taiwan–

American racer Peter [“Pete”] Olson spent Sunday morning at the Kaohsiung Circuit preparing for the afternoon’s Rotax
races and giving an extensive interview for FTV [Formosa Television], one of Taiwan’s largest national TV channels, as
well as meeting with the mayor of Kaohsiung [South Taiwan’s largest city]. It seems that Olson’s status as the only non-
Taiwanese currently competing in Taiwan Rotax has put him in the spotlight. However, while Olson has continued to
excel in Formula auto racing, surprisingly his South Taiwan Rotax karting debut today was full of mixed results.

Sunday’s competition was held at the newly-opened “Pier 17”, a large entertainment area on Kaohsiung harbor,
reminiscent of California’s Santa Monica Pier. The Rotax karting races were an event organized to help publicize Pier 17
throughout Taiwan, via several national television stations that came to observe the event and other “10/10 Day”
national holiday shows, along with thousands of other harbour visitors.

Olson began the race weekend by being one of the first drivers to arrive at the track for testing Saturday, only to have
continued problems with an ill-fitting fiberglass seat. Once again, the order of the day was rib cartilage separation as the
race seat that he had ordered from Malaysia had not arrived in time for the contest. But in characteristic style, Olson
went into the qualifying session with taped up ribs covered with hot pads, ibuprofen and heavy padding inserts.

“What am I supposed to do, not race?” said Olson. “That just isn’t an option I can consider.”

Quite a statement from the highly-competitive American driver. But Olson’s injuries grew with every impact on the
uneven pavement in turns one and two, which sent his and many of the faster competitor’s karts up on two wheels at
around 80mph. Olson got a good start in the first “heat race” only to lose control halfway through the race and slide off
into a berm, pushing his kart beyond the limit after losing focus as his injuries grew.

However, in the second heat race Olson came back with renewed determination in true Kimi Raikkonen style,
reminiscent of his infamous Formula Renault Shanghai come-back last year.  His Shanghai race ended with a champagne
celebration from the winner’s podium in front of millions of television viewers, despite starting in one of the last positions
on the grid after a competitor turned into him during qualifying [article].

Olson started the Kaohsiung race in 12th as a result of a DNF [Did Not Finish] in the first race, but blasted through the
pack to finish 5th after losing a contact lens during one of the first few laps.  Incredibly, despite vision problems Olson
took half a dozen positions in race two. But little did Olson know that a controversial impact would end his final, ‘main’
race after an accident with a competitor.

Olson started the final race by going for his now-characteristic ‘first turn takes all’ style, passing at least three
competitors in the middle of the first high-speed turn, only to receive a hard impact from a competitor which forced him
into the tire wall. He hit the wall almost head-on at high speed, and the rear of his kart was launched several feet in the
air. Olson was thrown forward out of his seat into the steering wheel and sat stunned for several moments after having
the wind knocked out of him, before getting out of his kart and attempting to get back on the track. Is his instinctive
driving getting in the way of traditionally outstanding results?

“I don’t know whether that was a cheap shot or a mistake, but the point is, my race was finished” said Olson. “I only
hope that incidents like these don’t happen again. I am here to win Asia, and I won’t accept anything less. I would like
to thank my main karting sponsor, TYKA, for the team’s efforts, as well as the Christian Children’s Fund, Winfield Lee
Investments, and Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher for their continued support of my racing endeavors.”

We wish the dedicated American driver the best of luck in the next races of the series.


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